identifying new vehicle problems quickly

identifying new vehicle problems quickly

4 Easy Ways To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction At Your Auto Body Repair Shop

by Kathryn Harris

As an owner or manager of an auto body shop, you're probably always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. One of the best places to start is with the lifeblood of your business: the customer. Here are four super easy ways to guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

Greet Them Right Away

You may not have someone staffed in your reception area all the time, but even if you've got a skeleton crew, make sure every customer is greeted right away. Make them feel important enough to drop what you're doing and welcome them to your business. If you can't talk with them for several minutes, point them in the direction of a snack bar, some chairs and magazines, or the lounge television, letting them know you'll be with them soon.

Ask Questions About the Accident

As you're talking with the customer, don't just ask them what they need done. Inquire about the accident, getting as much information as possible. This shows that you sympathize with their situation, no matter who was at fault, and that you have compassion. Ultimately, this will help to create a sense of trust and earn you a repeat customer.

Walk Around the Car with Your Customer

Don't just collect the repair details within the shop. Step outside and do a thorough walk around the car, discussing all the damage that was done, taking pictures, and noting any other body damage to the vehicle. Ask the customer if they'd like anything else fixed while the car is there. Then ask them if they have any questions about what you'll be doing. If time permits and you can do it safely, and you can gauge the customer's interest, show them the equipment you'll be using to remove dents and repaint the car.

Always Over-Deliver

Making the customer happy when they leave their car with you is just the first step. Ensuring their satisfaction as they collect their repaired vehicle is paramount. Beyond simply doing the repairs right, consider over-delivering on every job. How you do this depends on how your business operates, the vibe you get from the customer, and what you can logistically afford to "give away."

One way to over-deliver is to add to the estimated "ready" date. So if you think the repairs will take two days, tell them three. Then when their car is ready a day early, they'll be thrilled. You can also repair some non-accident related dents the customer said they'd like to have fixed but don't have the budget for. You can also vacuum out their car, offer 50% off their next oil change (if that's something you offer), or conduct random drawings for prizes. Get creative and you'll have raving fans for life.

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identifying new vehicle problems quickly

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