identifying new vehicle problems quickly

identifying new vehicle problems quickly

Need To Buy A New Bed Trailer? Information About 3 Types To Ensure You Purchase The Right One

by Kathryn Harris

If you need to purchase a new bed trailer, you will find you have many options on the market today. This can make it difficult to make the choice of what would work best for you. To help you, below are three types of bed trailers, along with the hitches that go along with the bed trailer that you choose. 

 Conventional Bed Trailers

A conventional bed trailer is also known as a recreational trailer and is commonly used for boat trailers or small campers. Your truck needs to have a ball-like hitch for conventional trailers, which most trucks today come standard with.

Depending on the weight of the trailer, you may need to install a hitch that is mounted on a draw bar. This type of hitch is more secure as it is bolted to the truck chassis.

Utility Bed Trailers

A utility bed trailer is used to move equipment and cargo. For example, this would work well to move something like lawnmowers or other landscaping equipment. The trailers are generally lighter and smaller when compared to traditional bed trailers.

The bed trailer attaches to the standard hitch that is on your truck. You should also use safety chains along with the hitch, however. These chains are installed under the trailer tongue. You also need to be careful and not make sharp turns while traveling with a utility trailer. To help the trailer be more stable, make sure the heavier equipment is placed on the trailer first.

Enclosed Bed Trailers

You can also choose an enclosed bed trailer if what you are hauling needs to be protected from the elements. This is especially true if you plan to drive on the interstate. This bed trailer is used to ship things like electronics, clothing, and more. You first place pallets in the trailer and place the cargo on top of the pallets.

You need to have a trailer hitch installed on your truck before you start traveling with an enclosed bed trailer attached. This hitch looks much like a standard hitch and is installed in the same weight. The main difference between the two is the trailer hitch can handle more weight than the hitch that comes standard on trucks.

Talk to a salesperson that sells bed trailers to learn much more about the types above, including an Aluma bed trailer. The salesperson can also give you information about other types of bed trailers that are available for you to purchase. This salesperson can also help you choose the right type of hitch that is needed for the bed trailer that you purchase.


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identifying new vehicle problems quickly

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